What is the R-value of your garage door? Factors that Influence the R-value

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Whenever you looking for a new garage door or want to replace it, you keep numerous things in your mind like type, style, color, design, and material of the garage door. But, do you consider the R-value of any garage door? Do you know that what is the exact meaning of the R-value?

In this article, we are going to describe the R-value of the garage door.

Are you avoiding going into your garage due to the high temperature? Are you living in a place where there is a higher temperature fluctuation day and night? Are you fed up with the higher electricity cost? Are you looking for some Energy efficient garage door? If you have any of these problems then you just need to upgrade your garage door to a high R-value garage door.

In simple term, R-value means the better-insulated garage doors which have higher effectively to of temperature resistant. This kind of garage door helps you to improvise the overall energy efficiency and performance of your home.

What Is R-Value In The Garage Door?

R-value is a measurement of the Thermal Resistance of the garage door. it determines how does your garage door keeps heat outside. A higher R-value means have a better-insulated door.

Factors that influence the R-value

Not only has the insulation of your garage door but the construction also played a vital role to determine the R-value of your garage door.

If you have a garage door without windows then you get better energy efficiency because it requires minimum insulation compare to the garage door with a window.

You also need to focus on choosing a garage door that keeps the appearance and style of your home better.

If you want to get a higher R-value of your garage door then you must choose such kind of construction that helps you to maximize the energy efficiency level of your garage and home.

Advantage of Higher R-Value Garage Doors

Attached Garages:

If you have a garage door with more than 10 R-value then it would help you to reduce the unwanted air to your garage door and keep maintain the temperature of your home. The higher R-value of your garage doors the higher insulation of your home.

Reduce The Energy Cost:

When you have any normal garage door which has a lower R-value, it cost much more than you think. It easily passes the air from outside and results in losing of heating or cooling efforts through the doors. If you replace your garage door with higher R-value garage doors then it will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your house and help to reduce the energy cost per annum.

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