Is It the Right Time to Replace my Garage Door Opener? Know it Here

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Is It the Right Time to Replace my Garage Door Opener? Know it Here

Garage Door Opener in Greeley

The days are gone when people opened and closed the garage door manually. Now, the responsibility of opening and closing of a door is given to the garage door opener. Yes, you are reading right. An opener has made our task easy and thus, it is important to maintain the garage door opener and should be replaced when it is needed. Definitely, door opener will not say you that I need to be replaced. But, it gives some warning signals and so, we can able to know the right time to replace the opener. Let’s have a look at those red signals:

The Garage Door Opener is too old:

If your garage door opener is manufactured before 1993, it didn’t have equipped with the photo sensors that are located 6 inches above the ground. The sensors send the signal to an opener to stop the garage door closing when an object is detected in a pathway of a door. The object could be anything from a string or your child too. Older door openers allow a door to close even when someone comes in the path. Thus, it creates life-threatening damages sometimes.

Frequent Malfunctioning in Opener:

Yes, your garage door opener malfunctions frequently then it is a red signal for you to replace it as soon as possible. It is better to replace the opener than repair. Savvy homeowners replace the opener because they are not costly in price and can be installed using simple tools by novice homeowner.

New Garage Door Openers have much more Security Features:

This is the 21st century and security is the main concern for many homeowners. The latest door opener models have various security features like fingerprint reorganization, swipe patterns, extra digital locks and much more. New openers are also paired with the keypads easily.

Battery Back-up Matters:

If your door opener doesn’t have a battery backup feature then either you should add this feature or buy a new one. I would recommend purchasing new one because 1. A new opener has inbuilt battery backup feature and 2. You can customize it with other security features too.

Other Factors:

If your garage door opener doesn’t display the default or closed position even when your garage door is closed; it’s a time to replace the garage door opener. You may be harmed due to a false notification.

So, is any of the above point matched to your garage door? Want to replace the old one with a new featured one. Contact us (970) 673-0951 immediately; our experts will help you to replace the garage door opener. Stay Safe and stay happy.

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