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    1Do you give garage door repair estimates over the phone?
    Yes and no. We can give you rough numbers for new garage doors. But, with garage door repair, it is nearly impossible to give you an accurate quote over the phone—and you should be wary of any company that does. We are happy to send a certified technician to your property to assess the repair and give you several repair options that will work within your budget. Our Company carry most parts in their trucks and can usually complete the repair on the spot.
    2What are the most common issues for garage door openers?
    Some of the common issues are photo eyes going bad, doors going bad, logic boards and doors not balanced resulting in torn gears just to name a few. It really all depends on the different type of opener you have.
    3I changed the battery in my garage door remote opener and now nothing works. How do I fix this?
    You will have to reprogram your remote. Refer to the original programming guide, or depending on manufacturer, you can visit them online. If that does not work, a service call may be necessary. Call our toll-free number to schedule an appointment or talk to our garage door experts. (970) 673-0951.
    4How long does a garage door opener typically last?
    Normally, a garage door opener lasts between five and fifteen years. The number of years varies based on the model and how well it has been maintained.