Is Your Garage Door Really Safe in a Storm Which You Are Going to Buy?

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Is Your Garage Door Really Safe in a Storm Which You Are Going to Buy?

Garage Door Really Safe in a Storm

To find the right door for your garage is the biggest responsibility on you. A small mistake in getting the right one may result you in a big bill of repairing. Almost every homeowner would agree with this statement and garage door companies too. Each and every factor you need to consider while buying the new one. Suppose you have chosen a door that suits your garage style, color, technology but you forget about the storm resistance factor then what happens? You will be ended up by paying extra expenses on making it storm proof. So, when you buy the garage door; don’t forget to consider this.

Garage Door Wind Load is Very Important. Why?

According to Jack Stumpff – The president of secure enterprises stats that almost 80% of financial losses homeowners bade during the storm or hurricanes to the doors that simply did not fight against the force of the wind. Here is the complete article. He also puts that if your door is not enough wind-resistant, you could end up being out hundreds of dollars repairing or replacing the damaged parts.

It is obvious that the wind-resistant door is costlier than the regular one but it is worthy for you. Actually, it is a better deal than a cheaper door in a long run, & will do wonders for the peace of mind too when the harsh weather happens.

Is Your Garage Door Prepared for Extreme Weather?

In the areas of the USA that get hurricanes, blizzards or several types of storms that produce high winds, a garage needs a door that is wind-resistant that helps to prevent wind entering into a garage. You can’t imagine how much a hurricane can damage the stuff stored in a garage and also a door? You need to pay thousands of dollars just to repair the garage door and cover the damages inside the garage.

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It is better to install the impact-resistant to prevent the high winds and it should be strong enough to stand up against the extreme wind force. One another option is to install a bracing kit which is not hard to install; the homeowner can easily fix it with right tools and following the user manual. It provides the enhanced level of protection that your garage door requires. You can say that it would be a great weapon of your garage door to fight against hurricanes.

You only need to install such extra elements in a door or buy a wind-resistant door if the wind speed is more than 100 mph in an area where you are living in. Want to make your garage door hurricane-proof; meet our experts today and share your requirements; your garage door will be able to handle the winds of high speed.  Having any problem in your door system or looking to buy a new garage door? Request a service visit Click here or Contact us today: (970) 673-0951; we would like to assist you and resolve your problems.