Garage Door Openers: Find Your Appropriate One

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It is easy for a homeowner to open or close a garage door with the help of garage door openers. Press the button on a remote and garage door will open. It is as simple as changing the channel of TV with remote. But the main question is that which type of a garage door opener is suitable to your needs? So, here we have listed the main types of openers which are available in a market.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers – the most common and the least expensive.

The chain driven door opener is the most common and has the most power. But, this can be noisier than the belt-driven and so, it needs maintenance often times. The chain drive openers have the only problem is the noise level otherwise it works better than others. It is widely known to raise & lower the door smoothly. To install this opener to a garage door is not a homeowner job. It requires extension kit which is specified for 8 to 10 foot garage doors. Professional installation service is recommended. Be ready for some frustration because it takes around 4 to 6 hours to install.

Screw Driven Garage Door Openers – Simple mechanism to open and close door

Screw-driven openers are mostly expensive & considerably less noisy than the chain driven openers. These are held with one worm screw with the grooved carriage that travels up under it. When starting this door opener, a worm screw turns the grooved carriage & raise up the door. This is considered as the strongest & fastest of all others.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers – quieter than chain drive & more expensive.

The very next type of a garage door opener is a belt-driven door opener which is well-known to be both expensive & quiet. This works similar to chain driven ones. In this mechanism, a quiet rubber is used instead of a loud chain. However, there are various moving parts that require regular maintenance in this model. The belt used in this opener is durable & almost all manufacturers provide warranties on a rubber belt & the power head.

Torsion Spring Automatic Openers – take less room but more expensive.

This opener is not used by many home owners; it has a limited availability & unpredictability. Sometimes, it is hard to find; only the professional garage door company will help you to select right one. It turns the torsion spring rod to lift up or lower down the garage door and it operates with very less noise. The bad thing about this opener is that it is very well-known for jamming.

Hope you have enough knowledge of door openers. So, what is going on in your mind? Which one is better for your garage door and for you in terms of safety and budget? Call us (970) 673-0951 today and we will help you in choosing the right one and install at an affordable price.

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