Strange! Leaves Can Affect Your Garage Door Badly How?

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Leaves Can Affect Garage Door Functionality

We all love to see fall leaves from the branches of the trees. During the spring or fall season, the leaves of the tree will litter yards of several homeowners. You can get rid of these dead leaves with many ways: whether they are raked or mowed over or bagged. This is what we all know but the main thing is that how such leaves can affect the garage door functionality? It’s really strange and hard to digest for the homeowners. But we are sure that you will definitely consider this issue seriously after reading the below points that shows what kind of problems will be occurred once leaves come into the door way.

Blocked Sensors:

During the fall season, leaves are everywhere, even at the unlikely places that aren’t good for us. As we all know that garage door opens and closes continuously, the wind has enough potential to blow such leaves into a view of sensors. The sensors of a garage door need a clear way to ensure coherent operation & leaves can block that way easily.

So in general, we would like to say that removing dead leaves & leaf debris task should be added to your regular maintenance checklist. During the season, checking the line of sight of sensors first to prevent the further issues and ensure that garage door opener is functioning properly or not. If such leaves are removed & still the garage door isn’t functioning properly, then you must go for other reasons like batteries, motor, opener circuit system, electric power, etc.

Tracking Debris:

When dead leaves pile up near the track area of the garage door, normally when rollers roll on a track; leaves will crush & begin to clog up as they are dry and brittle. This affects the roller efficiency and garage door efficiency too. Sometimes, it can jam the garage door or some of the operations are affected badly.

The shortest and easiest way to get rid of this issue is to inspect your garage door tracking on a regular interval of time to ensure that there is no debris present on the tracks. If you find debris; you should clean out as soon as possible to ensure consistent operation. This task is easily performed by your hands or brush.

So, did you get what we are trying to explain you? The leaves are negligible for many homeowners but sometimes it becomes a headache and getting rid of it is very difficult. So, be a cautious person and take care of your door to prevent major damages. Having any problem in your door system or looking to buy a new garage door? Request a service visit or Contact us today: (970) 673-0951; we would like to assist you and resolve your problems.