How a Garage Door Opener Battery Backup Help you in Emergency Situation?

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How a Garage Door Opener Battery Backup Help you in Emergency Situation?

Garage Door Opener Battery Backup

First of all, let me tell you something about the garage door opener battery backup. What actually it is? How is it helpful for a homeowner? A homeowner who worries about home safety, understand the importance of emergency situation never neglects the garage door opener’s battery backup. The battery is attached to the opener so, during a power outage; it can become a power source to open and close the door. Otherwise, you need to open or close the door manually which isn’t possible in emergency situations sometimes. Here are some situations where a battery backup can help you.

Fire Emergencies:

Just imagine that there is an abrupt fire in your house and garage door is locked. Your car is parked in the garage and important documents in it. Generally, in an event of fire, electricity goes down. It is too much hard to open a garage door. In such situation, your garage door opener battery backup helps you; if you have invested in it before. Such battery stores some extra power to lift up the garage door in case of a fire emergency and you can salvage your car.

Power Outage Situations:

A toddler is playing inside the garage and you have closed the door so, your kid can’t go out and you are worry-free then suddenly the power outage. You can’t open a garage door without power and your kids will be stuck in the garage until the power comes back. This is a nonsense imagination, right? Such kind of situation occurs and we have experienced it too because we have got calls from homeowners and asked for help. But if you have already installed backup battery; you can open the garage door even in power outage emergencies and save your beloved one from such critical situations.

Extremely Bad Weather Emergencies:

Snowfall, winter storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and extremely heavy rain normally are the reasons for the power outage. During such awkward weather situations, either you need to park a car in a garage to keep safe from bad weather or you need to use a car parked inside the garage door. But you can’t do anything because the power lines are down. Again, a battery backup can help you open a garage door and park your car inside or get your car out using the power preserved in the battery backup.

So, garage door opener battery backup is a very small part of a garage door but can be helpful when we need help. If you want to install a new garage door opener or a battery backup; call us (970) 673-0951 today. Our professionals will come to your home and help you to install the new opener with latest battery backup.

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