Which Garage Door Should I Choose For Home: Steel or Wood

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Which Garage Door Should I Choose For Home: Steel or Wood

Steel or Wood Garage Doors

Steel or Wood Garage Doors: The Pros And Cons

Do you want to replace or install a new garage door at your home? One of the biggest queries is: steel or wood? Want to get a door that matches with your exterior design? Plenty of options are available. But the biggest question for the homeowner to choose the material. Yes, it’s true. Generally, homeowners in the USA prefer to choose either wood or steel material for a garage door. Are you at that stage where you can’t decide which material will be suitable for their needs? Great! This post is completely dedicated to you.

Wood & steel both are popular materials for a garage door. You know that the garage door is a huge investment in your home so, it’s necessary to have a right garage door that can improve your home R-value.

Let’s do a quick comparison to get a clear idea which one is good for your home

Wood Garage Doors:

The rich craftsmanship of wood garage door is one of the best choices over vinyl and aluminum. If you are planning to replace your old-fashioned door with a word door; it will be a good move & expect a curb appeal if your garage faces the main street. However, the wood door prices are higher than other garage doors and regular maintenance is necessary. A small scratch or damaged section of a door may ruin your home exterior.

Maintenance & Wood Garage Door:

There is no doubt that wood door looks much better than steel doors & it can be only possible if your door is maintained properly. In short, a wood garage door is worth to install at home but it costs money, care and utmost maintenance.

Steel Garage Door:

A steel garage door can sustain a long time against humidity, heat and rain. The price of a steel garage door is a little bit lesser than high-quality wood doors. Due to its strength and durability; the life of a steel garage door is higher than wood garage doors. However, it doesn’t match the beauty of a wood garage door mostly.

If you insulate steel garage door; the life will be increased too. A well-insulated steel door can keep your garage door warmer in the cold season and cooler in the summer season.

Is steel garage door rust?

Today, most of the steel garage door comes with a polyester coating that prevents your door from rusting for a longer time. If you do not have a budget for branded steel garage door; you can opt for a cheaper door; removing rusting is not a difficult or time-consuming task.

In nutshell, both types of the garage door are good for your garage & home to improve curb appeal & R-Value. It totally depends on your budget, design and home exterior. Still not deciding which one is good for you? Don’t hesitate to consult with us; we would love to help you.

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