How Garage Door Springs Can Help Lift the Heavy Weight Doors?

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How Garage Door Springs Can Help Lift the Heavy Weight Doors?

Heavy Duty Extension Garage Door Spring

Have you familiar with the major parts of your garage door? There is a high possibility of having proper knowledge about your garage door and how it functions. It is good to have proper knowledge about tracks, chains, belts, springs, shutters, and many more. But what if you don’t aware of one of the toughest parts of the garage door? It is spring. Any garage door part can’t function without springs. Regardless of the type of springs, you have for your garage door. It is one of the pivotal parts that carry the weight of the door.

There are two types of springs available for your garage door. Extension springs and torsion springs. Both of these play a vital role by carrying the major weight of the door. In this article, we are going to describe the difference between springs. Let’s get started.

Torsion springs

The main functionality of torsion spring torque. It helps the garage door to the opener to open and close or we can say to lift up and lower down the main door. In this kind of system, the torsion spring is attached and placed above the main door. This sort of garage door is limited to its extension; torsion springs are never fully extended. During the functionality of this type of garage door, the springs tighten and loosen for the up and down process. Due to the higher power, durability, this type of springs is most common on modern garage door systems.

Extension springs

Extension springs are one of the best and economical options for older garage doors.  After all, there are some of the prime options of 2 panel garage doors which fold inside to lift it up. While in the functionality of this type of springs the contraction and stretches take place during the operation. While compare to the price extension springs are less expensive.

Want to replace or repair your garage door springs?

Furthermore, a garage door is one of the major parts of your home which is used quite frequently. It also carries a responsibility to protect your home from the outer environment. All in all, it needs regular maintenance to operate without any hassle.

When it comes to garage door spring-related issues, you should call an expert. Call us at (970) 673-0951 if you see any corrosion in any section on your extension spring now. Likewise, for extension spring torsion springs are always under such amount of tension that only professionals can correct it.  It is wiser if we left some things for the pros.