Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Winter Garage Door Maintenance

What Things Should I Consider While Buying a Garage Door That Withstand Against Winter

The very first thing should be taken into consideration is the type of garage you have currently. If a garage is connected to your home; you have to invest much on your garage door. If not connected to home; you do not need to spend much on insulation. This is just one of a few things. Here we have listed things that you should keep in mind while choosing a garage door for the winter.

Garage Door Materials:

The material of a garage door is very much important to keep the cold wind outside the garage door and maintain the temperature inside the garage. A wooden door provides very little protection but on the other hand, it can increase your home R-Value because of the aesthetic appeal of wood. Steel garage doors are stronger than Aluminum and wooden doors but highly prone to rusting. Aluminum is an option chosen by most of the homeowners because it’s lightweight, inexpensive, nominal maintenance & work efficiently under humid conditions.

Recently, PVC/fiberglass garage doors come in the market and quite good to prevent chilling wind coming inside the garage. But they are prone to cracking in case of closing or opening it forcefully.

Insulated One OR Not Insulated One

An insulated door keeps the temperature maintained in the inner space. If your garage is attached to your living room, bedroom or den then the garage door must be insulated to maintain the warmth inside and reduce the utility bill. Insulation is necessary when you don’t want warm air to escape from a garage.

There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on the insulated garage door if there’s no need to keep the warmth inside. In short, if your garage is isolated from your home and uses it just to park a vehicle and other stuff; the regular garage door is enough. Even though your garage door is in good condition; you should get winter garage door maintenance service to ensure that everything is fine to withstand against the severe winter season.


When it’s a matter of choosing a garage door in the winter season; you should opt for a door with insulation and proper weatherstripping. It will not allow cool air to come inside. A narrow passage between the ground and lower edge of a garage door may cost you much in your utility bills. Yes, it’s true. As your garage is becoming cold as time passes, the heater in your bedroom needs to keep working more efficiently to maintain the temperature inside a room as it is connected to a garage.

So, these are a few things that you must consider while choosing a garage door before the winter season. Following these Garage Door Tips will not let you pay extra on making a door winter-proof.

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