When Garage Door Remote is Lost or Stolen. What Should I Do?

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April 26, 2022
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A garage door opener remote is a second key to enter a home and no one can deny that. A remote is a special device to open and close the garage door (weighing more than 500 pounds) in seconds. Occasionally, this little one but important remote can go missing. Maybe you forget it somewhere to stolen from your car. Here we are not talking about “how a remote can be stolen?” but we are going to discuss “what to do when your door opener remote is stolen or lost?”

In short, a lost Garage Door Remote is a trouble for you and it can make you confused “how to fix the problem?” Here, we show you what to do when a remote is not around you.

Step 1: Do not Panic

Being panic is not a solution at all. First of all, close your eyes, take a deep breath, try to remember where you have seen it last time. Find the Garage Door Remote there. Repeat it 2-3 times. if it’s not there; you should move to the second step.

Step 2: Reset Opener’s Code & Erase Remote from Memory

As the first step didn’t help you, it’s confirmed your remote is either stolen or lost. Generally, homeowners keep a spare remote just for this situation. Now, your remote is lost but you have another one. Before using spared one; you need to erase lost remote from the memory and reset the code just to ensure that your lost remote will no longer function. Now, you can use the second remote as we use the spare key of a loc when a key is gone missing. So, there is no further process to activate the second one. Yes, you need to change the battery if it’s dead due to no use for a long time.

Step 3: Get a New One

As you have erased the remote from memory and reset the code to ensure that your door is secured and no one can open it without your permission. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a spare remote; you have the only option left: buy a new. Where to buy then? You can easily purchase it from the unit’s manufacturer. Problem solved…

If you need to open a garage door urgently to get your vehicle out in the morning but not have a remote to open it. Here is a simple guide for you: How to open a garage door manually. So, don’t panic. Follow the instruction carefully; you can easily get your car out from the garage.

However, attempting to open the garage door manually can cause bodily harmed injuries & damage your door too, sometimes. It’s okay, you have opened a door because of an emergency but that’s not possible for every day. You must have to replace your garage door opener remote to avoid such hassles.

Instead of doing a dangerous activity (open and close the door manually); buy a new Garage Door Remote, open the door and get easy access. To find service and support you can trust, call on (970) 673-0951 the Greeley Garage Doors in your area.

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