What Material to Choose for Your Installing a New Garage Door

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May 3, 2022
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What Material to Choose for Your Installing a New Garage Door

Garage Door Materials Guide

A garage needs to be secured because it possesses your car and other valuable items. But you cannot choose a random material for your garage door, compromising safety and security. You must know that garage doors come in various materials, each one of them having its own pros and cons.

So, to make things easier for you, we have come up with the best materials for your garage door. Look at all the materials given below and figure out which works out best for you.

  • Vinyl garage doors:

The vinyl doors are very beautiful. These doors are safe from the kids. In short, these kinds of doors are less prone to breaking or dents. These doors come with steel frames and are insulated.

Besides being highly durable, these doors require low maintenance. However, they may be available in lesser colors compared to fiberglass doors.

  • Fiberglass garage doors:

The fiberglass doors are hard and are less prone to dents. Aluminum frames are usually used for encasing these doors, especially in the commercial garage doors.

The fiberglass doors are lightweight, but their color may fade away in the sunlight. These doors are salt resistant and can survive wet winters at ease.

  • Wood composite garage doors:

These doors come with a wooden frame covered with fiberboard sheets. Fiberboard skins are there are high-quality wood composite doors, and these doors come with realistic detailing such as grooves and overlays that make them natural-looking.

These doors act as insulators and prove to be energy efficient.

  • Wooden garage doors:

These doors possess authentic and natural appeal and are a common choice for the garages. Wooden doors come in various styles. If you like traditional styles, you can go for the carriage-style wooden doors.

Some of the popular woods used in garage doors are meranti, fir, redwood, and cedar. These doors are a bit expensive compared to the others, and you may need to paint these doors every few years.

  • Aluminum garage doors:

These doors are highly popular for commercial usage. These doors look aesthetic, and the modern top-quality aluminum doors are not prone to dents. Brewery and restaurants often use these for having rolling garage doors.

The aluminum garage doors can endure direct sunlight as well, making it a good to go for almost every weather.

  • Steel garage doors:

Steel is one of the best materials to use when making garage doors. These doors are durable and are low on maintenance. Compared to other doors, it needs fewer repairs, and it is almost impossible to put a dent in these doors.

Various colors can be used for painting these doors. Steel doors are, however, poor insulators but are highly durable, and if the thick ones are chosen, they can run till eternity.


Choosing the right garage door material is essential to keep security intact. You will also need to align it with the theme of the garage. Almost every door nowadays comes with high-quality materials. You must keep the garage doors away from direct sunlight. Also, if needed, it is better to keep your doors painted to keep them always new.

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