Tips for homeowners on garage door safety

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It seems like our garage door is out of control, regardless of its size, weight, and how often we use it. It can even cause damage to your car, injure someone, or ruin your day. The garage door’s springs are also a potential danger. They can cause serious injury to someone, or damage your car and other property.

Do you think we’re trying to scare, or? We have receipts. Here are some stats regarding garage door accidents or injuries

Statistical Analysis of Garage Door and Springs Injuries

  • Garage doors cause over 30,000 injuries or deaths per year in the US.
  • In 1996, a meta-analysis found that at least 85 children were permanently brain damaged or died from garage door accidents between 1974 and 1996.These were most often caused by a child getting a hold of the garage opener remote. However, other garage door problems can be caused by poor design or installation. Further testing revealed that 40% of garage doors did not reverse after closing on a CPR dummy-sized child.
  • 7550 Americans experience pinch injuries each year when their fingers get caught in garage door panels. In some cases, this can lead to amputation. 2100 Americans also suffer crushing injuries from falling garage gates every year. The race to beat door – where people attempt to run through the door before it fully closes – causes more than 200 serious injuries annually.

it might be a little scary. This is why, in the early 1990’s, automatic reverse functions were mandatory under consumer safety standards for garage doors. However, the majority of these injuries can have been prevented with common sense and keeping an eye on your little one.

These garage door safety tips will keep you safe

  1. Garage Door Maintenance

We won’t stop saying it: Garage door maintenance is important. This can save you money, extend the life of your garage doors, and keep your family safe.

  1. Make sure you stay away from moving garage doors.

This one is easy: do you really want to run underneath your garage door as it closes. No. Does it really require for you to directly stand behind it when it opens? It is not. Also, remember that your kids will be looking at you for garage door behavior acceptable to them – so be aware.

  1. If your garage door is broken, don’t keep using it

This is why emergency garage door repair services are needed. Are your springs damaged, bent or stretched? Is your door out of balance? Is it having difficulty opening and closing your garage door? You shouldn’t continue to use a damaged garage door. For emergency service, call a professional company that specializes in garage doors.

  1. Lubricate all garage door parts as needed

This is a simple task that takes very little time. You should inspect your garage door’s structure and lubricate all parts and hardware every few months. You can’t grease the tracks.

  1. Make sure the garage door opener’s auto-reverse feature is functioning properly

Is it possible that garage doors won’t reverse on objects smaller than 40 mm? It is probably a good idea, in addition to cleaning the sensor eyes, to check your garage door openers reverse function every now and then. Don’t forget to use a paper towel or something… and not your child.

  1. Kids should not have access to the opener remote.

Do you think about hanging one of those key-holders near your front door. Do you not have one? It can drastically reduce the number times you need to look for your keys. Mount the opener remote at adult eye height and place it in your garage. It will keep your keys safe from curious kids, and you’ll always find it. You can keep the garage door opener remote in your vehicle and lock it when you aren’t using it.

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