What Is the Standard Size of a Residential Garage Door?

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If you’re planning to install a new garage door or replace an existing one, it’s essential to know the standard residential garage door sizes. Garage doors come in various dimensions, and selecting the right size is crucial for proper functionality, aesthetic appeal, and ensuring a seamless fit with your garage opening.

Standard Single Garage Door Sizes:

The most common size for a single garage door is:

  • 8 feet wide x 7 feet high (96 inches wide x 84 inches high)

This size is suitable for most single-car garages and can accommodate smaller vehicles comfortably. However, if you have a larger vehicle or need extra clearance, you may want to consider a slightly wider or taller option.

Standard Double Garage Door Sizes:

For double-car garages, the standard sizes are:

  • 16 feet wide x 7 feet high (192 inches wide x 84 inches high)
  • 18 feet wide x 7 feet high (216 inches wide x 84 inches high)

The 16-foot width is the most common size for double garage doors, accommodating two standard-sized vehicles side by side. The 18-foot width provides extra space, which can be beneficial if you have larger vehicles or require more clearance.

Other Common Garage Door Sizes:

While the sizes mentioned above are the most standard, there are other common garage door dimensions to consider:

  • 9 feet wide x 7 feet high (108 inches wide x 84 inches high)
  • 10 feet wide x 7 feet high (120 inches wide x 84 inches high)
  • 16 feet wide x 8 feet high (192 inches wide x 96 inches high)

These sizes are often used in larger garages or for specific vehicle types, such as pickup trucks or SUVs, which may require additional height or width.

Custom Garage Door Sizes:

In some cases, homeowners may require custom garage door sizes to accommodate unique garage openings or specific needs. Custom sizes can be ordered from various manufacturers to ensure a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

When selecting a garage door size, it’s crucial to consider not only the dimensions of your garage opening but also the type of vehicle(s) you plan to park inside. Leaving ample clearance on all sides is essential for easy entry, exit, and maneuvering.

Additionally, make sure to measure your garage opening accurately and consult with a professional garage door installer to ensure you choose the right size and style for your home and needs.

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