Tips For Garage Door Safety For Children, Kids

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Tips For Garage Door Safety For Children, Kids

Garage Door Safety For Children, Kids

Nowadays, each and every garage doors are highly equipped with special sensors that identify when anything is in a way of garage door during door movement. If sensors are working properly, they will give a signal to stop a door to fall down & reverse its direction. This is one of the best safety feature, a garage door should have. And luckily a door has. There are several tests you should perform on a garage door; if you own home with an attached garage. Along with the garage door safety test; you should inspect the garage door monthly to prevent sudden garage door accidents.

Overhead Garage Door Photo Sensor Test:

This test is easy to perform. You can do it. There is a better idea than putting a block under the path of a garage door. Yes, you are reading right. You just need to block any one of the sensors; it will tell you whether your door is working fine or not. If you are having a garage door and this feature isn’t installed your garage door; you should attach it to the garage door for better child safety.

Upgrade Your Garage Door with Advanced Features:

Yes, you should upgrade your garage door with some advanced features like photo sensors, child lock for an opener and much more. The child lock is a good feature and should be in a garage door opener if you have children. With this lock safety; your child can’t open or close the door using the remote. Along with these, replace the old garage door parts which are either rusted or outdated. Now, there is a less chance of falling garage door suddenly and prevent occurring of sudden garage door.

Teach Some Behavior to Your Children About Garage Doors:

Yes, this is also a part of child safety. It is same like you teach your kids “Do not take anything from strangers”. Teach them some simple lessons regarding garage door like:

  • Do not come under the door while it is closing or opening.
  • Do not touch any of the garage door parts
  • It is a remote for a garage door, not a TV. Do not touch

These above lessons will help you to keep your kids safe and provide you surety that your child will not get harm due to a garage door.

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