Winter is Coming, Time to Winterize Garage Door – A Quick Guide is Here

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Who doesn’t love to see snow starting to fall? But when it starts falling and winter is right around the corner, each time while you open your garage door you just let cold air enter your garage. Your garage door is made to defy a lot of abuse, especially while there is a fall season.

But, everything has its limits. Your garage door can’t able to function properly every time because it provides defense against rain, vermin, snow, outside garbage, etc. It does not only defy all these things to come in but also protect your garage from inside. In this article, we going through some of the best tips that will help you winterize your garage door.


Stripping is the best and economical solution for leaks. It is also known as weather stripping. Commonly, there are three different types of stripping you should keep in mind while you are going to check your garage door:

Topside Stripping: This is one of the common types of stripping between the door jamb and garage door. You can easily examine any kind of rips, tears, gaps that occur during the regular use of the door. If there is no issue at all then your garage door is capable to withstand this cold season. Or if you find out any portion of the strip is torn or broken you can either replace by yourself or you can get replaced by a garage door repair expert.

Side Weather Stripping: Side weatherstripping is as common as top stripping. In side weather stripping; you have to check out the side portion of your garage door that contacts with the door jamb. By physical observation, you can easily identify tears, rips, or gaps on the strip. If there is any, you should get it replaced or repaired.

Bottom Seal: The bottom seal plays a vital role in keeping leaks out. It is a kind of strip that comes in between the bottom of the garage door and the concrete slab. You can easily identify any kind of gaps, tears, and rips just by applying exterior light from the outside if you see any light through the bottom that means your garage door need a bottom seal. The bottom weather seal not only helps to prevent cold or heat inside the garage but also helps to prevent bugs and rodents to enter your garage door.

Do Insulate Your Garage Door

Have you still not heard a word called insulation? Haven’t you insulated your garage door? We consider you to purchase an insulation kit that you can easily get from any local door garage dealer.

We also recommend you always use professional to get perfection in your garage door. It will become helpful for you because any professional who has years of experience can able ensure that the springs of your garage door are adjusted for the added weight. Insulation of your garage door will help you to maintain the temperature of the interior of your garage door and you can get the benefit for the long term.

Contact us today and get your garage door to winterize to keep it withstand the extremely cold winter season!