Understand Primary 5 Winter Garage Door Issues & Solutions for Homeowners

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‘Winter is Coming.” It’s time to keep the home and garage protected from freezing air. December has already been started and January is coming which means bone-cracking winter is on the way to freeze you and your home.

Here we have listed a few tips on how to look after the issues you are facing in the winter season.

Metal Contracts in the Weather Issues:

In this situation, the door opener will stop functioning to move up and down. The metal contracting is the harder situation and makes the door opener jammed or harder to move the door up & down. Many times, this can be repaired by a force adjustment on the door opener itself. To adjust this, you need to take out the owner’s manual for the opener and follow the instruction. If still not getting it, call our professionals to repair your garage door opener by lubing, tuning up the garage door & making necessary adjustments.

Garage Door Freezing to the Ground Issues:

When your garage door won’t open even though your opener is trying hard to do it. This has happened because the ice & snow build in between the door and ground cause a door to freeze and not allow a door to be opened. And also it doesn’t allow a door to be closed completely because of the pile of ice.

To fix this, keep the ground clean the so, door can be closed completely. We recommend spraying the cooking spray on the bottom part of the door – a rubber seal that helps to keep the door closed properly.

Thickening of Grease:

Do you know what this means? Door is facing the trouble of moving up and down or completely stops going up and down. The cold season makes the grease thickened in the door tracks and makes the door unable to move smoothly. It isn’t a good choice to put grease in garage door tracks in the winter season.

Sometimes, a single mistake can cause expensive harm. If the thickened grease issue doesn’t get resolved, it is necessary to replace the tracks & rollers to tackle the problem with ease.

Damaged Remote Sensor:

Well, this is a rare situation. Sometimes, the extreme cold causes the sensor to stop functioning. Well, you wish to fix all the remote issues before the cold makes it unable to work. To avoid the issues, replace the old battery with the new one and ensure that nothing can obscure the sensors attached to the motor.

Even after checking all the possibilities, you still have any kind of issues with your remote and motor, better to call the professionals at (970) 673-0951. They know how to fix the issues and keep the door functioning in the freezing cold.

Damaged Weather Stripping:

Weatherstripping plays an important role in the winter season. As it is attached to the lower side of the garage door to fill the gap between the ground the lower part of the door. So, no air can pass through that little gap and maintain the temperature inside the garage.

If it is hardened and damaged, the door will not work as efficiently as it should be. If you are worried about the tightening of the door, you should replace a weather strip at the start of the winter season every year.

So, these are a few issues you may face during the winter season and also mentioned the solutions here. Hope these will help you keep your garage door up to date.