How to Replace bottom roller on a garage door

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August 9, 2021
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Is your garage door produce terrible noise during operation? Or are you finding any unusual noise during the operation of your garage door? It is normal to have some noise during the operation of a normal garage door but if it produces too much noise that disturbs you and your neighbor then it is time to replace your garage door rollers.

However, if you have basic knowledge about garage doors and their parts then you can also perform this difficult process easier. All you need is some basic tools that you probably find in your garage.

Keep in mind that this process needs some tough man who can carry a heavy load of garage door rollers. If you still want to replace the bottom garage door rollers, then here is a guide to replace them without injuring yourself.

The process to replace Your Garage Door Bottom Rollers 

  1. Start with opening your garage door. You can do it manually or by using your garage door opener. Before you start any process you must unplug your garage door opener. During all processes, you must keep yourself standing next to the garage door. Because if an unwanted thing happens and it closes then it does not harm you. Even you can place a step ladder under the garage door as a precaution.
  2. Try to do this process with another person who helps you. Take help from locking pliers that help you to bend the side of tracks near the seam forward for a few moments. Now, pop the roller out.
  3. After that, you need to lower your garage door until the rollers come at the height of the bent track. Take some help from another person to hold the door in place.
  4. Take a screwdriver or pry bar and pry your older roller out. Don’t forget to another person to hold it tight before doing this process.
  5. Once you get the bottom roller removed put the new one into the bracket. And don’t forget to grease your new bottom rollers so that they would work flawlessly.
  6. Once you put the new bottom roller in the place tell your partner to raise the door that bent track and the roller come at the same height.
  7. Now it’s time to place the bottom roller into the track as before. In some cases, you do not need any tools to return it’s in the former place. Or if you find it hard then you can hit it by hammer to put in place
  8. Follow all the above processes until you replaced all the rollers you have in the garage door. The number of rollers depends on the size of your garage door.
  9. During all this process, do not touch the top roller. Because it may misalign the whole mechanism.
  10. Once you finish the process, close the part of the track that you’re bent previously and do it by using pliers.
  11. Once you did the replacing process of rollers on both sides it is time to plug your garage door opener and check whether whole things working properly or not.

Wrap Up:

The garage door operation is quite silent. But if you found any unwanted noise then you must inspect your garage door whether it needed bottom rollers or not. If you have any queries regarding garage door roller replacement call us on (970) 673-0951 now. And get the best your garage door repair by our best professionals.