Don’t Wait to Fix A Problem With The Photo Eye Sensor On Your Garage Door

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April 9, 2021
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Have you ever think about the advanced safety of your garage door? Are you worried about the safety of your garage door? Are you aware of the dangerous elements of the garage door that create collision as it closes? Do you know that your garage door is so heavy that it could inflict serious injury? A perfect garage door has equipped with all the safety that removes the danger while operating it.

Are you one of those who looking for a solution to these questions then a photo-eye sensor is the best option for you and your garage door? If you have talked to any professional, then you may hear a term called “photo-eye sensor”. Here we are talking about the importance of the photo-eye sensor for your garage door.

What Is a Photo-Eye Sensor?

It is a kind of sensor located above six inches above the ground level on either side of your garage door. These sensors send an invisible beam ray to each other continuously and get connected. While the work of these photo sensors to stop the garage doors instantly if there is any form of obstruction below it.

Whenever the beams of light are broken between two sensors it triggers the instant stoppage of operation of the garage door and commands to operate in the reverse direction.

Importance of Photo Eye Sensors on Garage Door

Imagine, your child or careless adult wander here and there in your house. Incidentally, he/ she come below the garage door. In this situation, if your garage door is equipped with a photo eye sensor then it breaks the connection between sensors and holds the operation of your garage door, and will not come down.

Can you imagine this situation without the sensors? Without the Photo-eye sensors, you need to press the remote to close the door. And it would work until it closes properly even if there is someone underneath it.

The Danger of Not Getting It Fixed

It is not possible for any of us to stay home round the clock for our loved ones especially our children and toddlers. In majorities of accident of garage door, the lack of photo-eye sensor is the main reason for injury. However, if you found any issue in the garage door photo sensor then it directly affects the reverse mechanism of your garage door. It also leads to endangering the lives of your family member.

If you identify any of the problems in the photo-eye sensor of your garage door, you need to have it fixed immediately. Contact our highly skilled experts if safety is paramount for you. Our garage door professional immediately repairs and maintains your garage door within no time.