All You Need to Know About the Garage Door Warranty. What is Included in it?

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All You Need to Know About the Garage Door Warranty. What is Included in it?

Garage Door Warranty

We all know that a garage door is one of the most important and primary parts of a home but we often forget to take care of it. We only see it when it stops working and think about the expenses. But when it stops working, the Garage door warranty becomes a savior.

Several manufacturing companies do provide limited-time period warranties. However, there are multiple in & out that you should know about it. It will help to save some bucks.

Average Garage Door Warranty:

You will mostly find that a warranty covers the workmanship & garage door parts to make it run for some years without spending too much on it. The length of the garage door warranty may vary from one company to another. While some companies provide comprehensive warranties as well, including the paint, hardware, and a few more.

Section Coverage:

Generally, the garage door section’s warranty time period is around 3 to 5 years. When the sections paint become discolored, defects in some parts, torn or delaminate, a manufacturer will replace it within a short period. While for the wood models, we will cover the warranty for only 1 year.

Spring & Hardware Coverage:

To run the door smoothly, it is important to let the moving parts stay in operational mode. If they stop working, an immediate repair or part replacement is needed. So, better to choose a garage door manufacturer who provides long-period warranties on moving parts like springs, rollers, and other hardware. Generally, manufacturers provide a 1 to 5 years’ warranty on springs.

Some Exceptions:

In most cases, garage door warranties aren’t transferrable. It means the warranty becomes void when the door is sold to another homeowner. However, some manufacturing companies allow homeowners to transfer the warranty as well. If a homeowner doesn’t maintain the door properly, the warranty will not be available for them. Damage to a door caused due to fire, bad weather, vandalism or accident is the only responsibility of a homeowner. A warranty will become null if you have made any changes or alterations.

Generally, the warranty would need a signed claim between 15 to 30 days from the date a problem was inspected.

How to File a Garage Door Warranty Claim?

You always have a question in mind “How to claim my warranty for a garage door?” Here are some steps you should follow to claim it.

Call Your Local Dealer:

First, you need to call your manufacturer support team to talk with your point of contact & share your garage door issues. If it doesn’t work, your point of contact would be a local dealer.

Get Some Pictures:

Take some pictures of your garage door damage from different angles. These pictures describe the visual guide to show the door inspector and also work as proof or record.

Discuss with Garage Warranty Inspector:

When a warranty inspector comes to your home, discuss with them the malfunction of a door, and showcase the warranty certificate. Complete the documentation process so, the technician can come to your home and repair or replace the door or parts.

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