Important Tips for Your Garage Door Safety, You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

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November 7, 2019
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Important Tips for Your Garage Door Safety, You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Garage Door Safety Tips Greeley

A garage door is one of the major components of a home weighing around 1000 pounds. That’s why safety becomes a major concern. Do you take care of your garage door safety or only take it for granted? If not taking care of it, it’s time to start taking care of it. Here below are some good tips you should go through it once.

Do Change Garage Door Spring Frequently

Springs play a vital role in the garage door. Whenever any accident regarding springs occurs, injury can be a result. Have you an old garage door? If the answer is yes then you must check the springs of your garage door or you can hire any professional technician to replace them if needed. Many garage doors contain more than one spring if you have two springs then replace both of them even if one is working properly. Broken springs mostly affect the working efficiency of your garage door.

Inspect Your Cables

Have you ever seen both sides of the door that have bottom brackets for the spring system? Do check your cables at least every month if possible. If you found any worn or frayed, you must call any technician to replace it with new cables. Always remember that cables contain high spring tension. Never try to replace it by yourself. Call trained technician before breaking occur.

Check Squeaky Springs

Springs create noise during operate garage door when it squeaks. The constant process of opening and closing crate it and does not create any problem. You can apply any kind of silicone lubricant spray to get rid of the noise or you can call a professional technician for service.

Do Not Become Yourselfer

Installing a garage door is not everyone’s cup of tea. It becomes very dangerous for non-professional or inexperienced persons. Always prefer an expert technician to install your garage door.

Safety Cables

Haven’t you seen the springs of your garage door under high tension while the door is down? Every garage door has extension springs. Safety cables play a pivotal role to secure your ceiling or wall at each end. Safety cables provide safety while unexpected spring failure happened. Check your garage door and if you have extension springs, always prefer to install a safety cable.

Lack Of Smoothness In Garage Door

Have you found any problem during open or close your garage door? if your garage door can’t move smoothly then it can be an unsafe condition for you. Continuously repeating this awkward can affect negatively the other important door compartments. There are more chances for your spring system to have out of balance. You can call any trained professionals.

Keep Your Finger Safe

Each year countless accident occurs where homeowners badly injured their fingers in between door sections. Always use life handlers on the inside and outside of the door to prevent any injury. You can choose safe gripping points if you operate your garage door manually.

Regular Service

Believe it or not, but your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. Even you use it multiple times in a single day. To neglect any potential safety problems you can inspect on monthly basis and maintain your garage door. You can also call any system technician to check it. Always remember! Prevention is better than cure

Read Manual

If you have a new garage door, keep in mind that every model of the garage door has specific safety instructions as per DASMA Standard. You must be hanging the owner’s manuals near the door.

Hope the above tips will help you in properly maintaining the garage door. If you feel that your door isn’t working properly; Call our garage door repair experts and get your door back on well-functioning mode again.