Do’s and Don’ts for Garage Door Rust Cleaning Must be followed

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Do’s and Don’ts for Garage Door Rust Cleaning Must be followed

Garage Door Rust Cleaning

The garage door is a crucial part of a home but unfortunately, it is considered seriously only when it breaks. It is surprising that rust can be a reason for door problems and it can be prevented by regular garage door cleaning. Many of us are performing this but still, the problems are there. In this article, we come up with some good tips that help you what to do and what not to do while cleaning the garage door. Have a look at them.

Do: Wash the Door.

It doesn’t matter what type of garage door you have but, over time it will become dirty and dusty. Do you know that garage door cleaning is so easy that a normal person can do it effectively? You just use a cup of detergent and add it to 5 gallons of water and then mix it. Your washing liquid is ready. Start washing your door same like a car with a new sponge or chamois cloth.

Don’t: Use a pressure washer.

It may damage your door steel parts and softer wooden garage doors. So, this is not a good idea. It is better to use the low-phosphate detergent than the pressure washer.

Do: Clean the Garage Door Tracks.

Dust, dog hair, leaves and other debris can be a reason for the jammed garage door at the tracks. So, it is necessary to clean the clean the tracks time to time to run the door them smoothly. Otherwise, the debris might cause a garage doors to stick in the tracks and thus, call the professionals to fix it and pay charges to them which isn’t liked.

Don’t: Oil the Door Tracks.

Almost all parts of a door are required lubrication but not all like tracks. Yes, lubrication is necessary but not everywhere. You don’t want to oil the tracks and the roller’s outside because the more debris will stick to tracks and your door will be jammed again.

Do: Clean the Weather Strip / Seal.

The weather strip or seal is attached at the bottom of a garage door to prevent air come inside and go outside. To keep it working fine by cleaning off gunk otherwise, it may damage your rubber strip over time.

Don’t: Use broom.

The ideal way to clean the weather strip or seal is by hand with the soft damp cloth. But when you use the broom or any other tool to clean it; actually you are damaging your weatherstripping.

So, keep the above points in your mind; your garage door will last long and functioning smoothly. Do you find any issue with your garage door? Let us know; our team will come to your home, inspect the garage door and fix the problem as soon as possible.