Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics Related to Safety & Injuries

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Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics Related to Safety & Injuries

Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics 2019

Underestimating the importance of a garage door means you are compromising the home security and ignoring the burglar threats. After all, it’s a second entry of the home. If it will not open & the keys are not with you; you might get trapped outside. If your door will not close; you might invite unwanted guests at night when you are sleeping. You might get socked that your car or important stuff is stolen. In short, a damaged garage door can cause a life-threatening injury to you.

Here we come with few statistics and other stuff that will give you the answer to the question “why your garage door should be up to date?”

  • Around 80% of Americans who own a house and garage may be taking maintenance of the heaviest object of the house for granted.
  • More than 45% of garage owners do not get the garage door inspection services since installed it.
  • Around 54% of people have never had a safety inspection of a garage door opener that should be performed by the garage door professionals.
  • Confession: Above 25% of homeowners say they haven’t performed lubrication on door hinges and rollers.
  • 34% of people admit that they have not tested the safety equipment of the garage door and opener. This is something you can’t ignore it. Only god can save them.
  • More than 12% of homeowners do not know when they have lubricated the hinges and doors last time.

Injuries and Garage Doors:

As an estimate, more than 12,500 garage door injuries happen every year alone in the U.S.A. Few of them are life-threatening.

More than 2,000 injuries are caused just because of a sudden fall of a garage door and attempting to get in or out of the garage when a door is closing. How silly these people are who race against the falling door. The common reason behind such injuries is the lack of safety features or they aren’t working properly.

Around 1,500 injuries are from spring snap, glass and other sharp edges.

Security and Garage Door:

Don’t forget to close the garage door while leaving home. Do you know that more than 45% of all residential heists have been done and the entry point of the burglars is an unsecured or an open garage door?

It doesn’t matter you have locked your front and back door carefully when your garage door is not locked. Trespassers always try to enter through a garage door. Now you know why. Keep the garage door in functioning mode otherwise be ready for the consequences.

Garage Door Repair and Safety Feature Installation:

Whether you have any concern about door feature installation or safety-related; we are ready to make your door safety-feature rich and functioning for last long. For further information about the garage door repair services we offer; call us today at (970) 673-0951.

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