Why My Garage Door Opens by Itself? Am I the Only One? How to Solve?

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August 14, 2017
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Why My Garage Door Opens by Itself? Am I the Only One? How to Solve?

Garage Door Opens by Itself

Here are some troubleshooting tips for a garage door opening by Itself. If your question is the same then you are not the one who is facing this issue. This happens because of several reasons that we have shown in this article. You will get all the possible reasons of such incident happen with your garage door and also solutions to get rid of such worse situation.

Change the Code As Soon As Possible:

The very first thing you need to do is to change a code. Yes, you should do it. I know it is something weird but true. Take a remote, find a code wheel and replace the code with different one. After that change the code in the operator of a garage door and set the same as you have set in the remote. This is an easy task and you can do it by reading the manual.

Surges of Electricity in a Home

The electricity surge happens only when something boosts an electrical charge in your house suddenly. If electricity in your home feels the surges of amperage, wattage or voltage, the door opener can be activated without pressing a button on a remote. This occurs because the energy might be changed & so, the frequency of a remote is changed. What can you do in such situation?

  • Lightning is not a permanent problem so, you cannot do much. Just wait until it stops.
  • Unplug the opener temporary so it will not able to open a door. Once all set; you can plug the opener again.
  • Due to power surge if you found any problem utility equipment, call the company for help.

Misalignment of the Photo Electric Eye Beams

If there is no power surge and still your door opens by itself the second reason is the misalignment of beams. The doors which are manufactured after 1993 should have photo eye security systems. It’s law in the USA. It is used as a safety mechanism. If anything comes between these two sensors; the door reverses its direction and so, there will be no any causality with you. If it is misaligned then the beams cut off and it can cause it to reopen.

Remote Control Malfunctioning:

Sometimes, garage door opener remote loses its recognizable and memorized code over time (when it is old). So, the remote control should be re-programmed. This isn’t an operator’s mistake and not weather. This is a common factor for the door opener remotes. Just re-program it; your problem will be solved.

If your door still opens by itself even after solving the above reasons then you should call (970) 673-0951 the professional to fix the issue. We are #1 garage door repair company providing almost all types of repairing services.