Garage Door Openers: What’s New and Improved in 2024

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Garage door openers have come a long way in recent years thanks to advancements in technology. As we enter 2024, there are several new and improved features homeowners can look for when selecting a new garage door opener system.

Enhanced Connectivity and Smart Home Integration

One of the biggest trends in garage door openers is enhanced connectivity and smart home integration capabilities. Many of the latest models now offer built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere using a smartphone app. This remote access provides added security and convenience.

In addition, garage door openers are becoming more integrated with other smart home devices and platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With simple voice commands, you can open, close, and check the status of your garage door hands-free.

Improved Safety and Security Features

Safety has also been a major focus for garage door opener manufacturers. The newest models include improved safety sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms to prevent injuries or damage if the door encounters an obstruction when closing.

Security is another priority, with options like rolling code technology that constantly changes the access code to prevent unwanted entry from code grabbers. Fingerprint and biometric scanners add an extra layer of security as well.

Battery Backup for Power Outages

Power outages used to render garage door openers useless, leaving you stuck inside or outside your garage until power was restored. Many 2024 models now come equipped with battery backup systems that allow you to operate the door for a period of time during an outage.

Quieter and Smoother Operation

Advancements have also been made in the motors and drive systems of garage door openers to reduce noise and provide smoother operation. Using DC motors and belt or chain drive systems, the newest openers open and close much more quietly than older models with AC motors.

If you want to upgrade your garage door opener in 2024, please contact a local garage door company in Greeley, Colorado. They can recommend and install the latest models to modernize your garage.

While these new features and improvements tend to come with a higher price tag, the added convenience, security, and peace of mind may be well worth the investment for many homeowners. As always, research and compare your options to find the garage door opener that best fits your needs and budget.