I’m Frustrated: My Garage Door Opener Remote Couldn’t Work to Open & Close Garage Door

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I’m Frustrated: My Garage Door Opener Remote Couldn’t Work to Open & Close Garage Door

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Garage door opener remote control is handy & immanent. It’s a “KEY” that many of us use to get access to the home and open & close the garage door whenever they want without leaving a car or heaving up the garage door. Generally, a remote control transmits either Infrared or IR signal to the receiver that triggers to switch on the motor to open the door. Isn’t it a piece of cake for a homeowner?

When a remote control isn’t worked, it becomes a headache for the homeowners. Is your garage door remote control couldn’t work properly? We have some troubleshooting tips.

Check the Batteries of Remote:

Dead batteries are one of the most common reasons for garage door opener remote control failure. Always use the branded quality batteries instead of local one and yes, another option is rechargeable batteries which are cost effective in long run and environment-friendly too. So, when your remote couldn’t work; the first thing you need to check is batteries. So, replace or recharge the batteries and try again to open or close the door; if it works. Bingo! Your remote is in working position again and If not then move on to the next one.

Replace the Garage Door Remote:

If your remote is damaged or broken; the replacement is only an option. Get the new one from the garage door opener manufacturer or order online for the replacement. An alternative option is to choose the universal garage door remote.

Remote Control Needs to be Reprogrammed:

For the homeowner, this is something strange but it’s true. Sometimes, the remote control loses its connection with the opener and thus, a remote couldn’t send the signal to the opener and thus; your door won’t be lifted up or down. The solution is to “erase and reprogram the door opener”. How to do that? You should refer the manual of a garage door opener and follow the instruction. You can reprogram your remote control too.

Ensure that nothing is blocking the signal:

You have performed all the above steps to keep the remote control working well, you need to check that is there anything that could interfere the signal on the receiver side? Simple cobwebs or debris can block the signal. To be sure that the between a remote and receiver should be cleaned and the antenna is in the right position.

It’s quite easy to fix remote control issues with just little investigation and effort on your garage door system. After trying all the above activities but still, your garage door remote control couldn’t function well; you should consult with the garage door opener repair company; they will solve your problems and make the remote in a well-functioning mode again.

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