Garage Door Myths: You Should Know Before Hiring Technicians

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Garage Door Myths: You Should Know Before Hiring Technicians

Garage Door Myths

Have you heard of these garage door myths? A garage door isn’t just a part of our home but it’s a significant piece of a home that represents home appearance and increases the curb appeal. It’s a mechanical device and they are prone to be damaged over time. Generally, we people start fixing the issues by taking the tools in hand. Before tackling mechanical repair on your door, consider these myths related to the garage door and then proceed further.

Myth 1: If you have tools, you can fix garage door problems.

This isn’t applicable to all fixes. Yes, you are reading right. You can tighten screws or nuts or bolts but not fix the garage door torsion springs. It’s even a tough task for the garage door technicians and the level of danger is also too high for them. So, what will be our safety level? Nothing, right? Such springs work under a very high tension and could cause harmful injury to you a and your family member as well. Only a trained and professional can fix it.

Myth 2: Garage Door isn’t dangerous.

Many homeowners don’t consider garage door seriously and never think that it could be dangerous. But actually, it is a dangerous one because most of the parts of a door are heavier and when any of the parts is broken; it may cause life-threatening injury. So, the garage door should be treated safely and carefully.

Myth 3: Do not need to garage door opener to open it.

Those who don’t use the opener to open a garage door suffer every time when they open and close the door especially in extremely cold weather and in a very hot temperature. It’s a very frustrated moment for a homeowner to open a garage door after a long day working in an office and drive a car in traffic. But with the opener, you can open a garage door like changing a channel of TV through the remote. A good demonstration is enough for homeowners to start using the garage door opener.

Myth 4: There is no maintenance required to operate a garage door.

This one is strange because there are some homeowners who still believe that maintenance isn’t required. Actually, the maintenance is required otherwise parts will break and components may be misaligned. In such situation, you need to pay much more to fix the problem while the maintenance is cost very low compared to fixing costs.

Never forget these myths; your time & money will be saved. If you are looking for a garage door experts to solve the garage door problems then call us today! We will help fix the issues and make your door functioning again.