A Complete Guide: Simple Way to Adjust Your Garage Door Cable Repair

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Hiring a professional for easy work is not a good idea for you. There are numerous works like adjusting a garage door cable, lubricating the garage door, adjusting automation speed etc. can be easily done by anyone. Here we are going to explain how to adjust your garage door cables easily in few simple steps. You just need to do some inspection of your garage door parts and get some basic information about it. Let’s start.

What is The Function of a Garage Door Cable?

Garage door cables play a pivotal role in the mechanism of your garage door. All cables wrap through torsion springs that help to lift every time while we up or down the garage door. It also provides better safety while there is any kind of spring failure occurs and helps to prevent spring recoil.

What You Should Have to Adjust The Garage Door Cable?

Adjusting garage door cable DIY can be quite hard and you also need some equipment like a screwdriver, stepladder, C-clams, Pliers, and wire cutter.

The Firsts Step

Before you adjust your garage door cables all you need to do is pull the rope which is connected with your garage door opener that will help you to separate your door opener from the drive chain. After that, you will easily identify the tension on the springs. Release all the tension from springs just by step up your garage door and adjust your garage door cables.

Keep in mind to shut the electricity if you have an automatic garage door opener. When it comes to electricity you must have to be aware of any electrical accident while you do your job on the garage door.

Safety Comes First

From the roller closest to the bottom of the door, always fix C-clamps on your garage door to get safety against any unpredictable incident.

Always verify that your door doesn’t fall down while you do adjusting your garage door cable. Fixing C-clamps can eliminate door falling problem.

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Always Disconnect the Cord

Have you seen any cord above the doorway that runs around the frame? Find it and disconnect the cord first. Generally, a cord is wrapped around rollers to hook or any clip that helps to secure your door frame nearby the doorway.

Adjust the Cable As Per Needed

After that, you only need pliers because it may be possible to have much slack on the cable. With the help of pliers, you can easily loose the bracket which holds the wire. Once you’re done it you have to pull the cable from the bracket that will help you to tight it and reattach the wire to the frame.

Do not loose shaft too much which resulted to unwind cable or even untangled when you adjust your garage door.

Verify Your Work after Adjusting Your Garage Door Cable

Once you reattach the new cable. You must check the drum. It will help to balance and level your garage door. Once you have done this task successfully you can remove the clamps, plug-in your automatic function and enjoy it!

Hope these simple steps can help you adjust the garage door cable with ease. However, you still find it difficult or don’t want to take a risk; we are here to help you. Just dial the number (970) 673-0951. our garage door repair experts will be there to assist you.

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