It’s Power Outage. How Can I Open Electric Garage Door Manually

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It’s Power Outage. How Can I Open Electric Garage Door Manually

Electric Garage Doors

A garage door is not just a door but an important part of a home that should be taken carefully. By pressing a single button, you can raise a garage door (weighing hundreds of pound). Thanks to technology and electricity. But sometimes, there is power outage means you can’t open a door if you don’t have an inverter. So, there is a very rare chance you have to deal with it and need to open a door manually. You need to open a door manually because you have to get your car out from a garage to reach at your workplace on time.

Don’t know how to raise a door manually? Here we are bringing a step by step guide to raise your door without any issue.

Step 1: Keep Your Door in a Closed Position

To raise the door manually, you first need to disengage the garage door opener and must be sure that your door is in a closed position. Trying to disengage an opener while it’s in the open position is dangerous & never be advised. In case, the spring is broken or a door is not balanced properly; disengaging an opener could result in falling the door to the ground and could result in heavily damage & bodily harm.

Step 2: Pull the Red Rope – an Emergency Release Cord

There is an emergency release cord (usually a red rope) that hangs from a door trolley. When it is in a down position, the cord should be located near the door front. Pull the emergency cord to disconnect a trolley from garage door opener carriage so, you can operate the garage door manually.

Step 3: Manually Raise and Lower Down the Door & Set in a Down Position Again

The second step will allow you to move the door up and down position freely. If you aren’t able to lift the door manually because of heavyweight, it might be possible that the spring is broken. It’s a misconception that it’s a garage door opener responsible for opening and closing the door but actually, it’s a spring that lifts the door. If you notice a spring(s) is broken; consult with the expert as soon as possible.

Step 4: Pull the Red Rope Toward the Garage Door

Now, when the electricity comes again, you need to re-engage the carriage to get your door operated automatically. You just need to pull the cord towards the door and that’s it. Your two mechanism will be reconnected.

Step 5: Re-engage the Opener Carriage & Trolley

To get them re-connected, simply run a garage door opener for a full cycle means “open a door and close a door one time”. When a trolley & opener carriage passes one another, there will be a loud click, you will hear. Bingo! They are connected & raise and lower the door electrically once again.

This is a quick guide for you. Follow the steps and get your vehicle out from the garage even when there is no electricity.

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