Commercial Garage Door: Things You Should Know About Types, Installation & Repair

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Are you running a business? Does a garage play a vital role to store raw materials and products? Seeking a commercial garage door that can work smoothly for last long? Need an answer to these questions? This post is dedicated to you. You will get to know the necessary information about the commercial garage door.

Today, the commercial garage door is one of the most important investments in a business that helps your business in various ways. Finding the right one for your workplace is utmost necessary. When you start looking for a commercial garage door; you will come across these 3 types. Let’s discuss one by one.

Know The Difference: 4 Types Of Commercial Doors

Sectional Garage Door:

This is one of the most common and affordable garage door, used for small businesses. They come in a variety of materials like wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel & fiberglass. Among them, steel is widely used and the most common material. In short, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Rolling Steel:

Rolling steel doors are good for warehouses, storage facilities, fire stations & other relevant storage businesses to keep the stuff secured 24X7. This one is a robust option to keep raw materials and products safe and get access to easily whenever you wish. This is kind of a rolling shutter so, it requires very less space when it is in opened condition. When space is your main concern; you should opt for a rolling steel garage door.

High-Speed Garage Door:

If you need to open and close the door frequently; a standard garage door may not be strong enough to bear routine wear & tear. In such a situation; you must go with the high-speed garage door which is durable and made from high-quality materials. The high-speed garage door opener can raise the door 54 inches in a second that means 10 seconds; you can get access to garage door and at the same speed, the door gets down when you press the close button. This door needs relatively low maintenance and so, save your money too.

Commercial Garage Door Installation:

The commercial garage door is heavier than the regular residential garage doors and requires special types of kit to install or replace a part of it. The finishing and mechanism should be in a proper way to avoid unwanted damages in the future. As it’s heavier; the cost for the installation is slightly higher than a residential garage door. So, don’t start bargaining with a company to lower the rate of installation just because you or your neighbor have installed at a lower rate. Both scenarios are different.

Commercial Garage Door Repair:

Needless to say, avoidance to a small issue in a commercial garage door may cause big harm to your business. Just imagine your door couldn’t be closed and few intruders enter the garage door and steal all your stuff stored in a garage. It’s necessary to keep it maintained and well-functioned all the time. When you notice issues in your door; you should consult commercial garage door experts at a time to get it fixed before a situation may get worse, otherwise you have to pay a big amount just because you didn’t fix it before.

Hope the above information will help you choose the right commercial garage door. Need help to install or replace the garage door parts; give us a call at (970) 673-0951; we would love to keep your door in functioning mode again.

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