4 Red Signals, Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repair Services ASAP

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4 Red Signals, Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repair Services ASAP

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A garage door keeps the vehicles safe and other household stuff stored in the garage. It provides extra safety for the inside of your house. We all take the garage door as granted and mostly ignore it until it stops working properly. Once it gets damaged thoroughly; homeowner would have to pay a hefty amount to either repair or replace it. So, it better to fix the problems when they are in the initial stage. They can be fixed easily and not required to pay a huge amount to the garage door repair experts. Here we have listed 4 red signals; your garage door requires repair and replacement of necessary parts.

Damaged Photo-Eyes:

Photo eyes sensor is a special security feature of a garage door; it prevents the door closing when an object comes in between the path of a door to avoid the severe damage. Just imagine when your garage door’s photo-eye sensors stop working and your kid is under the door. How to check “Photo eye sensors are working fine or not”? Open the garage door and leave it half-way; now put a block in between the two sensors attached on both the sides and then close the door. If a door reverses its direction means sensors are functioning well. If not then you need to inspect the sensors; clean the dirt, debris and set the alignment. Most probably; they will start functioning otherwise call the garage door repair services provider ASAP.

Faulty Springs Due to Daily Wear and Tear:

A very common for a garage door not functioning is faulty spring. The springs are used to provide tension so, a door can opener can lift up the heavy garage door easily. It’s easier for a homeowner to inspect the springs and find the issues if they are. Generally, the springs are located above the garage door near the wall. If is there any crack on any spring; it’s time to call experts for garage door replacement. Mostly, you will need to replace both the springs to avoid major accidents and severe injury.

Excessive Whirring (Noise):

Is your garage door producing a weird noise than usual? Do you hear the different noise every time while opening and closing the door? Your door must have some issues and need to be fixed before it may harm you and your property as well. Mostly, poor lubrication is the reason to have a noisy garage door. Rollers, springs and hinges should be lubricated properly to keep them working smoothly. If it’s not an issue; you should call ((970) 673-0951) the technician for garage door troubleshooting to find out the real issues and fix them easily.

So, these are 3 red signals that you must consider as danger signs for your garage door. Fix the garage door problems ASAP and save money. Need garage door opener service; hire us today. We would love to resolve garage door related issues quickly.