How Can You Find That Particular Garage Door Company is Fraud?

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September 29, 2017
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How Can You Find That Particular Garage Door Company is Fraud?

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There are several garage door companies in particular areas but not all of them are good. There are very few companies which serve satisfying services to customers while others are fraud. This means many homeowners are being victims of such big scams every year. Do you want to become a victim? Definitely, not. Now you have a question in your mind that how can I secure myself and my garage door from such fraud company? We have answers for you.

Check out the way of identifying their company to you:

Yes, most of the scammers identify their company starting with a huge achievement which is actually not achieved by them. When you call the company; your first consideration should be the voice and words of representative. Sometimes they just greet you with simple words like “Garage door service” or “Garage door repairing company” but do not say the company name because they are not representing a reputable company. If they say the company name and you search on Google and there is no any good review there and thus, you will definitely move forward to find another one. So, don’t forget to judge a company in a first call.

They are not identifying themselves; ask them:

Yes, ask them for their identity. Sometimes what happens; a representative is not in Mood and just says “Garage door service”. Now it’s your turn to ask. Listen carefully what he/she says to you. Either he tells you a company name or something else. If you get company name as an answer; check it online and proceed to further step. If you didn’t get the company name and something else; it is better for you to find another one otherwise you might be a victim for that fraud company. Also, ask them for the services which are delivered by them. If you hear that they are working for another company; it is another red signal for you. Just hang up the call and dial the number of another company.

Get the Physical Address of the Business:

Nowadays, It is easier for anyone to build a website; So, do not trust on just website only. Ask them for the physical address. If they are unable to provide you such details means your time to leave that company and find another one. Many reputable companies have their headquarters and offices in various places. Once you get a physical address; verify it is legitimate or not by checking on Google Maps.

These are the main 3 points you should consider while calling for the first time. This is based on First Impression is the Last Impression. If you are looking for a garage door repair company; call us (970) 673-0951 as soon as possible.