Why Kind of Drive Do I Have for My Garage Door Opener?

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Why Kind of Drive Do I Have for My Garage Door Opener?

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What things do you consider while choosing your garage door opener? If you have basic knowledge about garage doors then you surely know about the different types of garage door openers and how they function. In some garage doors, you find out chain drive while in many garage doors you get belt drive. In this blog, we are going to discuss different types of garage door openers with their pros and cons.

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Whether you replacing your garage door or want to shift your garage door to bring your home together you may mind a few things like a new window or doing some customization before you put it on the market.

Benefits of Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

  • Common and easy to install: One of the major benefits of having a belt drive garage door opener is that it is easy to install, repair or replace when there is any problem with it.
  • Available easily: In any nearby home improvement store you can get any type of belt drive garage door opener or you can get it at any garage door company.
  • Easy to maintain: Another major benefit of belt drive is that you don’t need any extra maintenance like any other type of garage door opener. Even you don’t need to lubricate it like a traditional one.

The Drawback of Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Lower performance rate: One of the major drawbacks of belt drive is that it works only under the perfect conditions. Extreme heat and harsh weather can lead to poor functionality.

Short duration: Due to the material of the belt drive which is mostly rubber, it can’t last long like a chain drive. The rubber belt drives need replacement on regular basis to keep them working properly.

Higher price: Compare to belt drives, chain drives are more expensive. But you’re cost worth you. You get a better warranty than a chain door opener.

Pros of Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Strong and Durable: Compare to any ordinary opener chain drives are more reliable and long laster.

Affordable and Available: Compare to belt drive you can get any sort of chain drive at a reasonable rate. While you can easily get it at any local store.

Cons of Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Smooth Operation: Generally, chain drive usually bounces and shakes when used because of the metal part that is used to make up chain drive.  This makes it slower in operation and works slowly than a belt drive opener.

Maintenance: As we discussed above, the chain drive is made from different metal parts that require regular lubrication and make the regular maintenance. If you can’t manage iron rust that eventually results in damage in it.


These are the major difference between the belt drive and chain drive garage door opener. You can choose any sort of garage door opener as per the requirement, budget, and usability of a garage door. If you still have any confusion or want any guidance then call us at (970) 673-0951 and get help from our garage door expert in no time. Call us now and get the best quote o your new garage door now.

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